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Finally after 12 years..

I was so nervous, but she was so incredibly nice. I made her a special sign, and she autographed it for me, and said she loved it. Later for the knockouts match when she made her entrance and was doing her usual “heel schtick” and yelling at the fans that boo’d her. Then she walked over to me in the front row, and pointed at my sign and said “YEAH YOU’RE SMART!”. It was awesome!

Luckily I also got a signed 8x10 of her because later in the night Gunner grabbed a cup of soda and hit James Storm in the head with it. The soda went flying all over me, and my sign that was sitting in front of me. :(

I got to talk to Madison Rayne as well before the show. She was super sweet and funny. I told her “You’ve always been a great heel, but I’m loving your current run as a babyface.” Then she played like she didn’t know what I was talking about , and smiled and said “I don’t know what that means..”. Then we both laughed :)

I also got to meet/get autographs from: The Wolves, Magnus, Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Mr Anderson.

When Anderson signed my autograph book, he colored over Bully Ray’s face in the book, it was really funny.

I could of also met Zema, Samual Shaw, The Bromans, and Manik but they weren’t part of the VIP package, so I would of had to wait in line with the regular ticket holders. So I just stood in line for Madison.

I’m definitely a big fan of Zema after seeing him live, he is so entertaining. Samual Shaw is awesome as well.

I’m also hardcore in love with Eddie Edwards now, he is so fine. I got to touch his hand like twice.

Earl Hebner too a HUGE bump during the match with the Bromans. One of them pulled him out of the ring while he was counting, and he didn’t land on his feet, and went flying into the railing. The railing was very flimsy, so if my friend and I hadn’t held it tight, Earl would of went flying even farther.

At the end of the night people with VIP passes could stand in line to meet Gunner and get a photo with him in front of the ring. I was pissed at him for messing up my sign, so I just skipped that lol.

After the show, I tweeted Gail and she replied:



It’s been a whole week now, and I STILL can’t believe it.

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Everyone please go follow my photography tumblr page :) 


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Gail Kim - TNA Turning Point 2006

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He can do 1000 spears & WWE can pretend like he is the star of the group 




But at the end of the day

Rollins & Ambrose > Reigns

what the hell is this post

Who the hell made this mindless post?

Me, you irrelevant bitch. 
Let people have their own opinions without you giving your unwanted two cents.

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He can do 1000 spears & WWE can pretend like he is the star of the group 

But at the end of the day

Rollins & Ambrose > Reigns

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Okay let me get this straight.. 

But they can’t find a spot for Evan Bourne?


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Cody is the first person to actually sell the F5 right since Brock has been back the past two years. 

Why does everyone else land on their leg awkwardly, and then try to role over like it’s an attitude adjustment?

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Jomo > Kofi 

That is all.

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Ask me some wrestling related asks for bored wrestling fans 

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Summer vs Kaitlyn on Superstars was BRILLIANT! 

They meshed really well together in the ring. And thank God it was something fresh for once. If I have to sit thru another match with Aj Lee vs Total Diva I may just very well kill myself.

Summer is the best heel Diva they have had in years. (Aj Lee doesn’t count because she’s more of a tweener).

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